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About Raw Material Recovery Corporation

Welcome to RMR, the second recycling company founded and principled by Dick & Debbie Peloquin. Our first company, incorporated in 1999 and sold in 2007,  was the first CRT recycling company to achieve two concurrent statewide CRT recycling contracts, Massachusetts and Maine. During those years we performed our  contractual duties to a level that our competitors could not reach. We established a reputation internationally for producing some of the cleanest, most well prepared  recycled feedstock materials.

Now, with that experience and reputation backing us, our new company incorporated in 2011, Raw Material Recovery Corp., is positioned to process a more  diversified product base.  We still process CRT products and their new cousins, the LCD, LED & Plasma displays and have added Refrigerant Gas recovery and  subsequent apppliance recycling to our services. We also process gasoline powered lawn & garden equipment, home furnishings and normal clean waste from  household and business environments.

Our process remains mostly manual which has been proven to produce the highest quality recovered materials and the overall highest percentage of reclaimed  materials versus present mechanical shredding and sorting systems which are producing a lesser quality output stream. Manual disassembly also helps prevent  hazardous waste items from being processed such as mercury devices and lamps, batteries and PCB laden components in older products. We are able to isolate these  materials and forward them to the proper treatment facilities. Our manual process may not be the fastest but it is the best! We also believe in supporting people,  machines are nice but people are better!

If you or your company wants to start or increase your recycling efforts please call and give us the opportunity to offer our guidance. In most cases recycling  saves money and diverts good reusable material from the wastestream. Much better to see all that clean fiber, aluminum, steel and plastic get reused than sit  dormant in a huge pile.

RMR will work with qualified charities to perform product collection events as fundraisers and a community service. 

Our planet thanks you for recycling and so do we!